Introducing Great Gatsby Themes!

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A New Idea!

With Gatsby Themes becoming the future of static site generation, I decided to be part of it. With that being said, I created my first theme, and then thought - why not create a resource for everyone to find themes?

Will it be popular? I'm not sure - but it's worth trying to find out!

Introducing Great Gatsby JS Themes

I quickly pulled together the site MVP, yes it is bare-bones, but it will be great test to see if anyone would want a central place to find Gatsby Themes that are Open Sourced, or in the future premium for sale.

The goal is to have one place for themes that have been vetted to work, that look nice, and are customizable for those in need of a quick blog, documentation site, portfolio, or e-commerce web app. Check out our list of themes and let me know on Twitter if you have any questions or would like your theme added!


What's Next

I hope to continue adding new themes to the list in the near future, as well as new features to the site if it becomes a resource people want/use.

Secondly, I want to continue creating a few common material-ui themes that can help people (freelancers) or agencies build sites more efficiently.

The priority for me goes as follows:

  1. Add new themes
  2. Monitor and track usage of the site1. Decide on next features if usage is high enough to do so

I've always been a fan of the "do something" principle, meaning not to wait until the perfect moment or perfect product is completed, but to do something that works good enough to see what happens!

It's time to see what happens and I look forward to learning from the results!

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